I know it sounds like a cliché, but beauty comes from within. We can use all lotions and creams but basically beauty is a matter of health. Our skin is our body’s largest organ; therefore, it reveals the state of our inner health. A nourishing diet and lifestyle will be reflected with glowing and clear skin, as well as shining and resilient hair.

As a dietitian/nutritionist, I’m often asked about my tips for healthy hair and clear skin and the truth is that is easier than you think! Here are some of my tried-and-tested beauty secrets:

- Eat a balanced wholesome diet - For skin and hair health, focus on enjoying good fats, lean proteins, fruit rich in antioxidants, dark green veggies and wholegrains. At each meal, fill half your plate with greens and don’t be afraid of good fats such as avocado and nuts.

- Reduce your intake of sugar, dairy & alcohol. These can increase inflammation in your body and can cause redness, skin irritation and eczema. Particularly, sugar attaches to collagen causing it to break down and that leads to early skin sagging, wrinkle and acne.

- Look after your gut health – Healthy gut equals healthy skin. Take a daily prebiotic and start adding a small amount of apple cider vinegar to a 2 L water bottle and sipping it throughout the day.

-Last but not least stay hydrated - It’s so important to drink at least 2 L of water each day. It helps nourish your body’s cells and maintains the elasticity of your skin.