Waking up with a flat stomach and watching it expand throughout the day can be very uncomfortable. I have experienced bloating and it is a very common issue for many women and men. My top tips on how to beat the bloat are the following:

- Avoid raw veggies

The truth is that raw greens are so good for us but for some people they can cause a lot of bloating. The key to still enjoy them without getting bloated is to lightly steam them. This way they are much easier to digest and be broken down.

- Reduce your intake of gluten and refined sugar

They can be difficult to digest. You can try and avoid them for a period of 2-4 weeks and see if you notice any improvements; I bet you will!

- Stop chewing gum - It causes you to swallow excess air leading to bloating.

- Slow down your eating - Try chewing your food 10-20x. Digestion starts from the mouth.

- Add 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar into your water bottle.

- Avoid fizzy drinks - Bubbles = bloating!

- Stick to one cup of coffee a day.

- Be careful with beans and legumes - Instead of avoiding them, eat them on days you are less busy and you have more time to relax and digest them!

- Drink ginger and chamomile tea after meals - They help ease stomach discomfort.